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Oh Hai there. I'd like you to meet me: Shania. Or if you can't pronounce, spell, or remember that: Shane.
I'm addicted to netflix, i love love LOVE cats, tumblr is basically my whole life.
I'm nerdy when it comes to things like medical stuff, serial killers, and just little fun facts. Math is not my friend. Doing complex mathematical equations and problems make me want to bathe with a fully functioning toaster.
I am the night. Peace out.

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    If i want to edit a chapter, it wont let me. it wont even let me edit my drafts! i can't change the cover of my story, NOTHING is working. A lot of the buttons do nothing when pressed, or the links just keep me on that page. Nothing i try to do works. I'm thinking about deleting my story and uploading it elsewhere.
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