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    mumbled "Niall and I"

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    Niall comes running down the stairs of our house grabs my arm and pulls me out the door and into the car. "Where are we going"? I asked. "You will see babe". Niall said in a soft voice. It was a quite ride there just the soft sound of the music playing. When we go there we sat on the front of the car cuddling , then he got and grab me and said "come with me". We walk through the bushes and I was amazed from the view I saw. "It beautiful isn't it"? Niall asked "yes it's amazing". " just like you". Niall says in a lovely quite voice. we hear the sound of a wolf and Niall hugs me "don't be scared I will protect you". Then we head back to the car and go home, we sit on the couch and Niall puts finding nemo on and says "let's cuddle and watch a movie". Half way through the movie I fall asleep on niall's lap. Once the movie is over Niall woke me up and we went up to bed and went to sleep. <3
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