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i am wahat i am...:p

  • Mamoona..

    mumbled "games of life."

    6 years agoReply
    the word life is look very beatiful from far away but when we live in that life that gives us lot of pains and we thought that is end the life give us only one small light to continiou the life and then again it it give us pain and hurting from others and at the end it again give us small light to survive.and we get happy from that small light and start our life with new aims and forget about past...
  • Mamoona..

    my fantasy

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    ever one has there own fantasy world and i am one of them.i always wanted to live in my fantasy world..i wanted to live in the world where every one is to give happiness to others ,obne evils in that world,.where no one hurts others ,no one is allow to hurt otheres .where natural scens are around..sun rises with happines of light and sun down and give promise to give more happiness next daty,,,,
    6 years ago
    Beautiful thoguhts.
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