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    It's like we're 17 again.
    It's like we're...
    lets just say its a flash from the past for one of the boys... and how will he react when he is confrunted by it? read on to find out....
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    Pretend We Never Met
    Pretend We Never...
    What if Harry Styles dated you for a bet ? What if after three years you meet again ? What if Niall Horan is secretly in love with you ? What if you were a world famous singer ? Well for Freya Flynn .....
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    hey hey hey. haha okay so my name is MaKayla and I have hazel eyes with medium length brown hair. I'm kinda short 5'2 and I'm 14 so yeah. I like drawing painting singing dancing, and the obvious one direction. I dont like the steriotypical popular girls, snobs are the worst, hypocrites, gossipers, a lot of things get on my nerves actually. so I'm like deathly afraid of new people but as long as you talk to me first we can be insane together. I would describe myself as fun crazy outragious and most importantly I would like to be with Liam :) or Niall if you know you put him in there ;)
    Cyber Louis
    Cyber Louis
    Rae is a shy girl who is constantly bullied at school and tortured by her family. She has one person to talk to whenever she feels sad or lonely, they met on a website which is completely anonymous. But...
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    you have to continue. I've cried three times because I relate to it. I'm not a big cryer but this really touched me
    old friends,new relationships
    old friends,new...
    This is my first fanfic so please give me suggestions if you have any. Lizzie jones is just your normal average girl who lives in Mullingar,Ireland. She has a best friend for life (or so she thought)...
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    Is he the one?
    Is he the one?
    I'm Kailey Cowell. Umm heard that last name before? Its because my dad is Simon Cowell. I know its hard to believe that my dad would have a kid. Well he sent me to boarding school. Dont ask why I dunno....
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