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    Kalli.. Since you want answer my kiks.. I hade no choice.. But on prom.. I was just really pissed.. bout the rumor.. And I should of left you explain.. but look im sorry.. I miss our random convos.. well.. I miss everything that we done together.. I understand if you don't want to be my friend.. but just hear me out.. I know I was wrong.. I know I was stupid.. and I know.. I know.. I should of let you explain.. I know.. Im not a good friend.. I just was under so much stress... And I shouldn't of taken it out on you.. I just hope you will forgive me.. and all the bad things I called you.. or ever said.. I wanna take them back.. Just forgive me.. just please.. </3 im sorry.. Kalli... just please... Im sorry... Im sorry then sorry.. I just feel horriable.. I don't desrive.. you as a friend.. Im just a horable person as it is.. but please.. just please forgive me.... </3 :'(
    Sometimes people seem happy. Sometimes people seem carefree and laid back all the time. When in reality, they’re broken and insecure. Worried about how the world sees them. Their reflection in the mirror...
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