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  • HemmingsLove
    Hey guys! So I went to the AMAS ! Yas. And I met a few people including 5sos! I met ansel elgort, TAYLOR swift, a few friends and of course 5sos! I only saw them for a few minutes and they had to go sit back down.. But I said "Congrats on your award babes!!" And I didn't think they heard me but LUKE said "Thank you love." And I screamed and cried but ASHTON gave me a hug and yeah.. I was speechless for the whole night, also when Selena sung I pretty much cried.. I don't know why I was so emotional. Anyways if you follow my Twitter I posted lots Of pics!!��
  • HemmingsLove
    Hey Guys! I just wanted to say I really love this app, just because all of us are in the 5SOS family and we get to meet new people who like the same band❤️ Its awesome! Love you guys ��
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