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i'm a girl who loves to wright and sorry if i have typos english is not my main language.. i have 3 sooo....

  • perfection doesent exist in my world
    perfection doesent...
    by justme*
  • justme*
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    hey listen up, from what i see ur a strong person. i admire you for that. you see.. every one has their struggles. one more severe than the other. but no matter what one way or another. u will find a way around ur allergy. you see.. i have battled depression for years now and nothing works for me. shrinks, therapy's, anti depressants,.. you name it I've tried it. and still...nothing. what i'm saying is that.. i'm lucky to have friends and family that support me. they even saved me a few times. but i believe that you can pass this and be content about your life. yea it's not going to be a normal one, but try. i know u can do it hun. be strong. i know u are going to be okay :)
    My life
    My life
    This is my life, my story. I need to get it out. The tiny hope that maybe someone could understand. I don't think anyone ever will, but i need a help i can't get.
    Rachel Evans
    3 years ago
    I'm learning to get around it, and to accept help. I'm going to the hospital next month, so hopefully they can give me some tools. But i'm also very lucky to have my friends. They sometimes know what i need, more than i do. One of them even forced me to go to the beach with him, and it actually helped. I honestly don't know what i would do without them. And i know i'm gonna be okay, but when depression is one of my allergic reactions, it gets hard sometimes, but i learn to find my way :)
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    Maja- i litteraly bate bullying it hurts people mantaly land sometimes even mentaly land thats just no acceptabele to me seriously it should be illegal and put a lifescentence to it, i just hate bullying PS i live movellas <3
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    Stop Bullying, Spe...
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    Thank you for your comment, I'll add you right away <3
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