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Hey guys :)

I'm a poet and love to write - simple really!

  • Magpie, 28
    6 years agoReply
    I'm sorry for the blocky format.
    It is originally separated into stanzas but for some reason it refuses to separate.
    This poem just flowed. It's difficult to explain really.
  • Magpie, 28

    mumbled "Kick the bucket!"

    7 years agoReply
    Not really used to writing these thingy-bobs, a little too personal for me.
    So hello and welcome to my page, you'll see i've got quite a few random poems here.
    In all honestly i'm surprised i write this stuff, some of what i write doesn't make much sense (even to me) but nevertheless! let's trawl through it and just tell me "hey, this doesn't make much sense kid!" so i know where i'm going wrong!
    Oh, the title of this blog is the song i'm listening to whilst writing this (i couldn't really think of anything else without it being genetic - it's my first time/blog or whatever) so i figure when and if i post more blog material i'll just title them with song names, music DOES reflect the mood afterall...

    So i bet if you've actually got this far you're probably thinking that i like to babble and waffle (which is actually true.) To be out of character i'll cut this blog short and head off and put the kettle on!
    7 years ago
    Hello Magpie, Can you drop me a quick email, and I will get straight back to you with an idea?
    Thanks, Diana
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