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  • maex
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    Did you think that no one was going to know that you TOOK SOMEONE ELSE'S STORY AND ACTED LIKE IT WAS YOUR OWN?
    Just because you changed the names doesn't mean that you aren't plagiarizing..
    Acciofirebolts spent so much time into this and she is an amazing writer. You know how hard it is to make up a story? And then you take all of her hard work and say it's yours. Ugh.
    You do know that plagarism is illegal, right? I hope you realize that.
    Please stop. I really hope you don't post other chapters.
    It's just disrespectful.
    If you really want to make a good story, actually spend time and effort trying to make your own story from YOUR thoughts.
    Ugh. Reported.
    Never thought this could happen
    Never thought this...
    Ariana Lopez..NERD. No one like her well only her best friend but yeaa. Louis tomlinson! COOL KID IN THE HOUSE!:D every one like him!
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