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    mumbled "I'm dying "

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    I really want to finish my stories but I can't cause I have 0 free time also what the heck I got like four more followers in less than a day wow thanks guys
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    I really like this story and where it seems to be going. Keep up the great work!
    In a Time of Chaos
    In a Time of Chaos
    It's the year 1976. The magical community is divided; witches and wizards from all around the globe is disappearing, only to be found dead weeks later. Even the muggles knows that something is terribly...
    2 years ago
    Thank you so much! I'm writing it in Danish first, then translating, so the updates are gonna be slow, sorry!
    2 years ago
    That's impressive, and no worries, I won't be impatient!
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