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    Allison Elise Owens
    usually happy, somewhat bubbly, studious at school, silly around friends, enjoys a good laugh, persistent, determined, outspoken around friends, shy around new people, and very stubborn.
    patronus: Otter (I personally admire Hermione)
    Description: weasley red hair, blue-gray eyes, tall, skinny, and weasley freckles.
    Movellas school of Witchcraft and Wizardry!
    Movellas school...
    Enroll, get sorted, do homework, attend classes, and much more!
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    name: Aurora Nymphadora Garner (her parents were friends with Tonks parents
    house: Hufflepuff
    wand: 10 3/4 beech wood and unicorn hair
    quiditch: I would love to be a beater or chaser
    appereance: golden hair, blue-gray eyes, freckles
    half veela, half wizard
    personality: stubborn, witty, sweet, some what aggresive, and brave.
    (even though she is hufflepuff, she is extremely smart and brave, but her loyalty sticks out the most.
    Movellas school of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    Movellas school...
    Have you wanted to go to Hogwarts? Well welcome to the online version! You can sign up, and come here for as long as you like. But this just like Hogwarts. You can take extra classes, if you like, and...
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    Anastasia Johns
    Long, frizzy, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes
    silly and bubbly around friends but serious and intelligent at school. likes to play quiditch and any other sport. But also likes singing and doing girly stuff. Loves to learn about history and if at hogwarts DADA and quiditch
    patronus: phoenix because she is healing and comforting to others: like a Phoenix
    Animagus: otter(like hermione)
    Harry Potter Games(get sorted, find out what wand you would have etc.)
    Harry Potter Games...
    get sorted, find out what wand you would have etcetera. Enjoy!
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    The Hidden Twin Of Sirius Black
    The Hidden Twin...
    Have you ever wondered what would happen if Sirius had a sister? What if he didn't know about her? Would he be ready to be a brother? Would he accept her or pretend she doesn't exist? What if one of the...
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