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Greetings Lovelies!! I am Madi and I have an obsession with the internet!
I am obviously a girl, I'm a dumb blonde and I'm proud of it.
I also get easily over obsessed to things such as bands, youtubers, books, etc. Then again, Thats why we're all here on wattpad. So I'm not the only crazy one! Anyway to be more specific I like listening to 5SOS, Green Day, Sabrina Carpenter, My Chemical Romance , All Time Low, and the occasional Taylor Swift because who doesn't love Tay Tay! Oh God just stab me....
I read books a lot and I'm in a relationship with YouTube so yeah you can click the follow button if you're into that kinda stuff.

Info to stalk me is below!

Insta: @michael.is.punk.rock and @madishipsit
Twitter: @madi_is_moi.

Follow the Waffletrainslothcrew on Instagram because they're kinda cool.

Stay Beautiful xx

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