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When I joined this site, I had already read stories and kept debating whether or no I should join. Now that I have, I love it! I already have a bunch of stories, so I will probably publish a bunch of first chapters and the most popular will be updated. Thanks for reading!

  • Madeline B. A.
    First of all I think it is a really interesting concept based on the blurb and what you have written so far. I think one of the main things to remember that when writing is to not rush into things. Yes, I am a believer that suspense can be a little stupid and that it is important to give as much information as possible without giving away the whole story. But at the same time you can't be to literal. It comes off as a little sloppy and unprofessional. I understand that it can be really difficult to write the beginning chapters of stories because you are so excited to share your story to everyone that you rush through descriptions and details. Don't get me wrong I think that what you have written is really interesting but my advice is just to write how you would want to read it. I really like it! Happy Writing!
    His Other Half
    His Other Half
    **** He made me shiver just at the sight of him like this. "I found you I finally found you." He whispers before lifting my shirt off me. "Please, no" "Come on babe you usually beg me for this." I gasp...
    THANK YOU! I feel the same so they will prob separate for a little bit then ya know! THANX! please keep reading and giving me advice! I will slow things down!
  • Madeline B. A.
    Sorry for the weird format, I don't know what happened...
    Secret of the Lagoon
    Secret of the Lago...
    Monacco Labs is the leader for scientific study of all theoretical and physical sciences. The Lab is offering an exclusive internship for students who demonstrate highly developed aptitude for science....
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