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Hey there! I'm Maddie, from Nottingham! I loooove Marvel, DC, Skulduggery pleasant, Harry potter, Percy Jackson, Lord of the Rings*pauses for breath* and the Hunger games!!! (Just to mention a few!) I love writing, especially fanfics, so there's a good chance there's gonna be a few of those around at some point, when exams finish ;) so yeah, that's me :p

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    by Maddy97
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    Ok so, this is my first ever fanfic piece, its set eighteen years after the last book, in which some pretty bad stuff happens, as you can see! So, here it is, I hope you like it! Any feedback is welcome!

    The crisp Dublin morning was strangely silent and the autumn leaves crunched underfoot of the tall thin man in the hat and tan overcoat. He was dressed most unsuited for the weather as although the sharp wind brought a slight chill to the air the warm sun made it quite unnecessary for such a heavy garment. but of course, it was most unnecessary, for this man was, in actuality, no ordinary man at all. This was skulduggery pleasant sanctuary detective and full time general mischief causer, not that he remembered. The man stopped at the corner of the street and stared up at the house situated there. And there he stood for some time, minutes, hours, he wasn't entirely sure, but it reminded him of something, a distant memory playing in the shattered fragments of mind inside his skull.
    It had been nearly eighteen years since Valkyrie had lost her mind. The strain of holding Darquess at bay had gripped her mind like a fever and, combined with the loss of her best friend, she had slowly began to slip away from the real world. Her sister visited her occasionally, but the hospital was far and rarely allowed visitors that corresponded with Alice's work hours.From the rare bouts of sanity Valkryie had, she was proud of her baby sister, and how she had a normal life, just like Valkryie had always wanted for her, just like she would never have.
    That's it for now! Hope you enjoyed, please review, thanks!
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