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Hey! I'm Maddie, just a normal girl who loves 1D! Read my story if you get the chance, I'd love feedback, positive or negative(:

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    mumbled "SORRY!! D:"

    I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in like over a month, I've been going through a lot with my family... :(
    I'll be posting more often (HOPEFULLY!) over the next couple weeks, now that I sort of have a laptop.
    Thank you sooooo much to everyone who has read my movella!
    I. LOVE. YOU. GUYS. And it means the world to me that people actually see what I posted! :)
    Love youuuuuuu!!
    xxx Maddie :)
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    Amazing! Thanks for putting me in!
    A Summer Holiday with One Direction
    A Summer Holiday...
    Meena Roberts is going to England for a summer internship. She ends up getting stuck on a roller coaster with One Direction's, Liam Payne. But theres just one problem... She hates One Direction!!!!!! How...
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    Amazing!! (:
    Get Out Of My Mind
    Get Out Of My Mind
    IMPORTANT. (Read beginning of first chapter). I'm leaving. Now. I'm a mess; my problems and worries are whirling around in my head. So I'm going to Barbados with Mum, Dad and Ollie to spend...
    Nina :)
    6 years ago
    Thankyou :) xx
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    Amazing as always! (:
    Dangerous Love
    Dangerous Love
    Cynthia Waters is an average everyday girl. She has normal friends, normal parents, and a normal life. . . Well, she used to, Beforre she met One Direction on a plane, and everything got turned upside...
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