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  • maddie-rocks550
    it sounds like a movie im say this in a good way
    Reality Ruined My Life (Liam Payne Fanfic)
    Reality Ruined My...
    Olivia wishes she was just a normal girl. But she wasn't. She was far from it. She's been living on the streets since she was 12, just trying to get by. Her life was taking a turn for the worse. Stealing,...
  • maddie-rocks550
    update update please or I will die of doredom
    mermaids are just a myth, or are they?
    mermaids are just...
    this is about a girl named Coral. she comes from the Atlantic. She lives among those who don't see her or at least pretend to. Her powers are to control water, freeze water, heat water, and grow legs if...
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