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I am MaddieCream32 and I love to write books! I also love to draw and I love to be with friends and family!

Howl's Moving Castle

by , Wednesday April 19, 2017
 Howl's Moving Castle

Hauru's Hair Style

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  • MaddieCream32

    mumbled "Something I need to tell you"

    4 months agoReply

    (I did ship Jelsa, actually I made the shipping, I still ship it but I have an OC for Jack Frost that I can't just throw away)

    Janel: Jack...

    Jack: Yes Janel?

    Janel: there's something I need to tell you

    Jack: What is it?

    Janel: I love you

    Jack: I love you two Janel *kisses her*
  • MaddieCream32

    mumbled "DBZ RP Moment"

    4 months agoReply

    @[The Kawai Emobish]

    *A part of a planet in a other universe... Was a Teenager boy... We was known as a Boragon... His name was Percyion *not my oc it is my friends* He felt Alimon and gasped as he Re-Located to Earth from a different universe than his... Then he felt a Boragan's energy and traced it to a tournament and he frowned remembering the tournament he was in with Alimon, he then heard two voices*

    Shana: Really Shou?! I Was amazing and you know it

    Shou: Yeah! You were for a girl in a girl competition!


    Goku: Yikes don't piss her of son
    4 months ago
    Shana: Their use to be an entire race of them

    Goten: SHIT

    Shana: Yeah... My mother Was Tessaleta and my father well... you know...

    Perc: Tessaleta? Did she go by Tess?

    Shana: Yeah she di... wait how do you know that your way to young to have met her

    Perc: Long Story....
    4 months ago
    Shana: I have time

    Perc: Well she is my Sensei... she has taught me all that i know... Wait she is no Boragon... I would of seen her tail with my special ability

    Shana: Some people like Royalty can cancel it out

    Perc: Sensei Tess will not lie to me!

    Shana: Well it must just be a coincidence that they have the same name! Tessaleta huh? And both go by Tess?

    Perc: She's to young to be a mother

    Shana: Well... their is an ability females have where you can go all the way back to a baby once and forget everything about your past... that might of happened to mom...

    Perc: Huh?
    chicken head
    1 months ago
    i see you like anime
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