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    Best fanfiction I've ever read. By far the BEST. I'd give u 1000000/1000000 for this story! Ur awesome keep on posting i NEED to know what happens next!
    Die in your arms
    Die in your arms
    Arabella has a secret that she is hiding from everyone. She will do everything she can to stay normal for as long as she can even if it means giving up her love for pop sensation and "heartthrob" of the...
    5 years ago
    thank you sooo much! this comment just made my night. I'm glad you're really into it. Let me know if it needs improvements :) i'll be happy to let you know when the next one is posted.
  • Maddiebieber94
    Wasn't Expecting This
    Wasn't Expecting...
    Quinn and Zayn just had their baby girl, Rosie. But what happens when Rosie is a little harder to handle then they thought. They will need all the help they can get.
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