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  • Mad4NiallHoran321-
    Hey im Haylee i have brown eyes and hair thats brown with blue on the end im quiet at first but when u get to jnow me im sassy and.Lou make up any story u want as long as it's with Niall
    1D Oneshots
    1D Oneshots
    I know there's heaps of these floating around but I wanted to have a place to put all the one-shots and ideas I'm not using elsewhere. I will occasionally be taking submissions- 4 or 5 at a time- so keep...
  • Mad4NiallHoran321-
    Hi im Haylee can i have one with Niall? I have curly brown hair and brown eyes surprise me!
    just send me what you look like your name what you want what boy you want and if you want something else then that too;D
  • Mad4NiallHoran321-
    Im Haylee i have brown eyes and brown hair im shy but then i become really loud when u get to know me im a smart mouth too. U can surprise me
    One Direction Prefrences and Imagines
    One Direction Pref...
    Request A prefrence or a Imagine and I will write it as fst as possible. In the comments you need to put: Your Name A boy How you look personality and What you want to happen or if you want I will surprise...
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