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I'm the lead guitarist of a band, I sing sometimes, I play video games, I'm basically Deadpool except I'm less attractive (HA!), and I may have an obsession with a certain band... BET YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT BAND IT IS MWAHAHA

Life of a Band Member

by , Sunday October 9, 2016
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Life of a Band Member

Intro to this thing? I'm not sure...

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  • Mikey The Bored Teenager
    GIIIRRRLLL update this whenever you have the time!!
    Dark turns to Light
    Dark turns to Ligh...
    After getting dared to enter a Haunted House. Madison realized that she is now haunted by a Demon. But can she change that demon?
  • Mikey The Bored Teenager
    If anyone wants to know why I haven't posted more of this yet, it's caused by the fanatical amounts of ghost readers. If you want more, you must comment!

    Mikey xx
    Biker Boots
    Biker Boots
    I shuffled away from the taller boy in an attempt to keep a suitable distance between us. "What's wrong, princess? Are you scared?" Even his voice sounded menacing and dripped with false saccharine. "N-no,"...
  • Mikey The Bored Teenager

    mumbled "New Story!"

    Hello, it's me.
    Yes, I know I've been inactive for over a year, but I should be back for now, or at least for a while.
    But I am writing a new story called "Biker Boots"
    It is a Michael Clifford fanfiction, but I'm not sure if I'd label it as a "punk" fanfic.
    The only real "punk" thing about him that isn't irl is the fact that he rides motorcycles really.
    But he isn't famous and I'm not sure if I want to include the other boys quite yet.
    BUT you should definitely check it out if you get the chance, or if you'd like to.
    I'm really proud of this story.

    -Mikey xx
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