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Full Name: Hello my name is Mackenzie Kay Johnson but people call me Mack or I also go by my middle name Kay so yeah and BTW my OTP is PHAN, AARMAU, and MUKE!!
Fave animal: Penguin,lions,cats,and dogs.
Age: (13)
Dating status: (Got a new boyfriend last week and we are like couple goals JK but we care about each other very deeply this part is to MY BAE, AARON I LOVE YOU )
Fave subject: (Japanese and French )
Fave color: (teal)
Fave number: (5)
Height: 5'3 (I'm short so don't judge me I'm a little potato lol!)
Weird obsession: Luke Hemmings, Conner Denis, 5 Seconds of summer, Sword art online, Fairy tail, basically anime, my new cat, and lastly social media!!!
Zodiac sign: Leo ♌ if you watch Fairy tail the anime you would get that my favorite celestial spirit is Leo the Lion aka Loki
New updates: I might start writing a online diary and the day about me meeting my idols aka 5 S.O.S!!!! So yeah bye I love you all and remember this is what my Aaron always says to me "Stay happy and alive for me ok?? Because there is a end to life but we haven't reached that chapter in our book so live and stay smiling because if you're not smiling you're doing it wrong!!" And one other thing if you have a watt pad you should follow me on there because I have 1 book and I love let me repeat LOOOOOVE 5 SOS!! ��✌

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