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    mumbled "Deception of a whole nation"

    Machiavelli, the recreation of a man built for the purpose of imposing a machiavellian age. New order, romans, empires. Deeper intellect only one man shall truly see, for he shall not be deceived, he is born to believe. The will of a single man shall not go unspoken, for machiavelli chants the power of mind endlessly at night. Machiavellian, the pawns of a settlement in italy, The vellians are but followers, too blind to see the art of war and deception. For he who cannot see does not live, but just simply exists, similar to that of a plant. A cause. Growing mightier and stronger with every word, for that is the order of the new world. The will of a single man shall not be forgotten, for he can deceive an entire nation.
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