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  • Alexander Ròscarrow
    Good start
    Poems Collection - Vol I.
    Poems Collection...
    A collection of random poems that tries to rescue the sensations and details of the wonderful and fragile life. Poems that contains reflections of the nature, death, darkness, beauty, light, aesthetic,...
  • Alexander Ròscarrow

    Papellas order

    I have ordered 4 copies of my collection of poetry indiscretion conscienceness on March 24 and have not received after 5 weeks. I had expected 2 weeks as it was said 5 to 10 business days and have sent an email and received no reply after a week also. I have sent a second email today to support as well. I greatly would appreciate intel on the status of my order.
    M. Proschek
  • Alexander Ròscarrow
    vital nutrient absorbed by feeding organs
    fall has come for this specie again
    the sound of pain of danger of killing sensorium
    another ring in history grown with suffering
    their inexplicable sacrifice is received with wooden thankfulness
    Stuck in the middle
    Stuck in the middl...
    A poem from the point of view from a tree in a war ground and what it see's. This is a competition entry so please like, fav and comment :)
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