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She can be a pushy, aggressive, in your face, and obnoxious woman if her energy is not well-directed. She is a “be here now,” type of girl and there can be a tendency to dominate and demand. While her life force can be exhilarating, when undeveloped she can be self-centered callous, reckless, and immature. She'll enjoy knocking herself out to please you, but you may find her difficult to tolerate on a day-to-day basis, since she is not in the habit of accommodating others. (I'M NOT PERFEcT BUT PARTS OF ME ARE FANTASTIC:)

"I am the cruelty, the malice, the demon in your wake. The abomination, the monster, the beast that makes you quake. My hunger is unforgiving, my guilt does not exist, I'll bring you to deliverance through evils kiss."

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