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    My cat Rudy

    My cat Rudy. Rudy is white with ginger dots or spots, whichever you prefer. The day I met Rudy, my daughter and I wandered into the Pet Shop with a complaining husband tagging along behind. He was moaning silently. I say silently because we weren't listening and thus if no one was hearing him, he was in fact silent. Almost like that saying, when a tree falls in a forest, does it still make a sound? So my husband complained without a sound.
    I walked up to the cages with the cats in them, and huddled in the corner was this little white ball. The kitten was all alone and had its back turned to me.
    I said in my animal talk voice (you know the one), "Hey, cutie."
    The kitten spinned around and sprinted across the cage towards me, as if it recognized my voice.
    I pushed my finger between the thin metal bars and stroked its soft, downy baby kitten fur.
    The kitten then took both its paws and wrapped them around my finger. I tried to pull my finger away, but it held and I had the strangest feeling that I shouldn't let go.
    I called my daughter over and told her, "Go ask your dad if we can have another cat." I was really only being polite asking and my mind was already made up.
    She came back after a millisecond had passed, and she exclaimed, "I cannot find him."
    You have to agree we did try, although I cannot say whether my daughter actually did go right to the back of the large store or if she did indeed search for him throughout the entire store, but let bygones be bygones.
    I waved my hand eagerly at the shop attendant who hurried over, unlocked the cage, pried the kitten off my finger and then handed him to me.
    The little bundle fit snuggly in the space under my chin, just above my collarbone - a perfect fit.
    Two years later, Rudy and I are inseparable. He waits for me at the gate each afternoon to get home. He runs next to me to the front door when I walk up the pathway. He follows my every move and will be where ever I am. I love him to bits and if ever I did not believe in reincarnation he convinced me that there is a possibility it could be true.
    Rudy was meant for me and I was meant for Rudy.
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    Day 1 at Movellas

    Only discovered Movellas today. Read a few good stories, and I had an incredible visit. I'll be back soon ♥
    excellent. glad you like it here! :) welcome!
    Hi, thank you for reading my story ♥ I love My Recycled Soul.
    Lynette Ferreira
    Hi Sinead. I am happy you like My Recycled Soul :o)
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