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Favorite singer :Front Porch Step
Favorite Band:Pierce the Veil
Celebrity Crush:Andy Biersack.
Favorite Color:Navy Blue.
Favorite Song:Keep holding on-Falling in Reverse
Favorite Song by favorite band:Hold on til May
Favorite Youtuber: Pewdiepie.
Favorite Book:If I stay
Favorite Hobby:Singing and writing
What I want to be when i'm older:author or FBI agent
Dream:To be in a band.(as singer)

  • luvbug4
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    We were never a rich family,so of course when Christmas rolled around we didn't get much.There were five of us kids in the family and it was difficult,as you can assume,to get all of us what we wanted,but my parents really really tried.Ya I would enjoy the presents and candy,but I remember and love the significance of just sitting around the tree with my family laughing and being happy together.Recently this year there were current events that took place and my family only has money to get by on,not really extra for holidays,my parents are working hard again to give us a good Christmas and this has me thinking again,Christmas isn't about presents.What Christmas means to me is family,being with them and making memories,laughing together,being together as a whole and being so happy.I could care less about the gifts,it's the joy that matters the most and I don't want my mom to worry and my dad to come home exhausted,I want my family and sit around the living room drinking hot chocolate and sharing past memories.Money doesn't buy happiness,loved ones make happiness.This is what Christmas means to me.
  • luvbug4

    mumbled "Updating Soon!!!!"

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    Yes I have made a yearly appearance on Movellas!!I will be updating ALL of my stories tomorrow even if I have to sneak my laptop to school I will do it and I'll write as much as I can and If I don't succeed I will do it the next day,I just need to get my mind off things,life keeps chucking curve balls at me and they are going straight to my face.Love you my Skells <3
    1 years ago
    Hehe wrote this a year ago lol
  • luvbug4
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    We wait 365 days for this day.Some love the snow,others decorating the Christmas tree and topping it with an angel or a star,but for me,what I love is being surrounded by my family being happy and enjoying the company of each other,and that to me is the meaning and beauty of Christmas.Now I sit here on December 1st counting down the days till I endure this beauty and happiness.
  • luvbug4
    2 years agoReply
    I only read the prologue and I already know you are an amazing writing and you have a lot of potential!
    Red Rooms
    Red Rooms
    There have been a chain of murders across central Manhattan. All the victims are teenage introverts, as described by their parents. Never going out, always contained within the same four walls, scrawling...
    2 years ago
    Aww you are so sweet thankyou! :D
  • luvbug4
    3 years agoReply
    So far this is beautifully written,but before you publish re read what you wrote because there were some words you meant to spell,but it would be missing a letter like "eek" you meant "week".I can't wait for more though,I really enjoy this story. :)
    Catch Me
    Catch Me
    High school will never be the easiest time for anyone - especially when you are open about who you are, and who you love.
    Lavern L.C.
    3 years ago
    Thank you, and I will do some serious editing ASAP <3
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