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Something you should know about Me:
currently I'm in eighth grade but going on to to be fresh meat in high school. I'm also in band, I play the flute. And not, but not least, I love to read and write obviously. I'm going to try to write different genres to make yo guys happy. I also have Wattpad if you have an account as well, please follow me on there too :) I would appreciate it a lot. If you do want to follow me on there, it's the same username and profile picture as this one I have here on Movellas.
Thanks for taking a look at my profile, and reading my books. Have a nice day or night, depends what time your reading this lol.

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    OML plz update!!
    Empress to Impress (A Vampire Novel)
    Empress to Impress...
    I was coming home from Ashlyn Derbot's party late that night. I pulled out my iPod and began scrolling through music. A 'Death Cab for Cutie' song blared through my headphones, drowning out all other sound....
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