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  • Luna Moon
    6 years agoReply
    Wow! You have an amazing talent for writing! And to think you are only eleven!!! I hope you place in the competition as this is brilliant! :D
    Bullying Hurts
    Bullying Hurts
    This is my entry for the bullying competition. It is written from both girls perspective. Chloe has been cyber bullying Mia then neglecting her at school. Will Mia find it in her heart to forgive Chloe?...
    Ruby Red
    6 years ago
    Yes agree! I am glad that Luna reccomended it to me! It has lots of emotion and I love how you can really feel how Mia does! Please write more after the competition, but if you haven't already enterd it write more, if you have leave it, it's perfect! :DD
    America Rocks!
    6 years ago
    Hi I'm also these 2's friend and I agree!!! Please write more though!!!! I am just about to look at your other pieces! If you're on please tell me which one you'd reccomend! :D x
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