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    Sky Green, gryffendor, Phoenix feather 11 inches, year 5, no, yes please, tall with long wild strawberry-blonde hair and bright blue eyes, wild, adventurous tomboy, likes to battle (in a nice way��), outstanding in everything, potions, defence against the dark arts, charms, transfiguration, muggle studies, arithmancy and ancient runes.
    Mogwarts (Movella Hogwarts!)
    Mogwarts (Movella...
    Do you want to apply for Mogwarts? Because guess what, It's here! Read Chapter one for more info. From Prof. Violet Wavewater <3 X
    Scarlett Rosette
    2 years ago
    You've been added to the list on Chapter 3. Thanks for applying for Mogwarts (Movella Hogwarts) :)
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