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pretty isn't everything you punk ass

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  • deliriouschvnel
    Hello love! How are you? Hope you are well. Um I would like to ask you something, its totally up to you.I was wondering if maybe you would like to co-write on Wattpad, for a zayn malik fan fic
  • deliriouschvnel
    hi sorry to bother but I am trying to get a story published but its not working, can you help? thank you
    Ex Best Friend
    Ex Best Friend
    "Michael?!?" "Nicole! Oh my god, I missed you so much! How's life been?" Michael asked as he smiled and sat down next to me. "Just fine actually. Until you showed back up."
    2 years ago
    Maybe copy he chapter, then delete the chapter. Create a new chapter then paste the chapter
  • deliriouschvnel
    sorry to bother but I am trying to get my story up and published but its not letting me. can you help me? thank you
    Helen Hood
    2 years ago
    Um, sure. I don't really get asked this but I'll help. So if you're on the website, you have to type the content of course, then either save as draft or publish. Now on the app, I'm not exactly sure cause I don't use the app, but I think it's the same as the website but I could be wrong.
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