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writing is my dream and passion! :) i hope everyone enjoys my work, and if you do please comment/like/favourite! It is GREATLY appreciated!!xx

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    my insta is @cobainstagrams if anyone wants to follow x
    would you PLZ CHECK OUT MY MOVELLAS "More then friends" and "his other half" plz! it would mean the world to me thanx!PS i love feedback both negative and positive! Enjoy!
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    so ive gotten the opportunity to publish a collection of poems and basically need to write some fiction. anyone have ideas as to what i could write about? it's important and it's a summer project!
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    I love this, it is very emotive. Judging on how this is written, would you mind giving my Movella 'The Rain on Monday' a read? It's full of similar writing to this.
    Cut - A book of poems.
    Cut - A book of...
    This will be triggering. This is for me to story all my self-expression on a bad day because as I'm sure many of you know, I get a lot of those. Do not read if easily triggered.
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    Thank you and I'd love too (:
    5 years ago
    You're welcome and thanks a bunch! (:
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