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I enjoy, baking, sweets, the colors red black and purple, my favorite number is 6, and I am 15 years old. I'm truly a fan of a few bands you'd never heard of, or have, it's possible. Just ask, I won't bite....Much. Just remember, bink is just red, with a little bleach. Oh, I also like Anime, my favorite is Black Butler 2. I love Alois! *hand clap* ;)

~~~This is an RP account for a book I'm doing with friends.

  • Lucy1234
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    Authors: TheDoctorsSecret, HaydenSenni and Lucy1234
    movella: Demonia
    Storyline: The devil has 3 daughters, and he has influenced their life for years, but now he reveals their dark demonic pasts one by one. Maybe it was fate...But when a local high school goth named Misty (Mist) is partnered with a scene named Lucillia (Lucy) they notice done off things going on...Especially playing cards that appear out of nowhere. For Lucy, the 6 of hearts, and for Mist the 6 of clubs. Another thing, is Hayden. She was a psycho kid who left the school months ago! She won't shut up about: "he told me to do this" "he said that" it's not...normal! Let's get our demon on, as Hayden picks up, the 6 of Diamonds.

    Characters: Hayden, dark red hair, extremely long, and blue eyes that can turn red. Dresses Emo-style. (Hoodies and dark jeans) Lucy, Purple hair shoulder length and spiky.scene/punk style,(Red sweatshirt, black tank top, and ripped skinny jeans). Mist, goth styled (Long-ish spiky black hair, black leather jacket, grey gothic-styled shirt, and layered black skirt, with boots. Her boots are like...Wow) And final the devil himself, a shadowy figure and a voice...I don't think hell ever be fully show .

    Anything else, do not hesitate to ask~
    Trailer Store
    Trailer Store
    You have heard of cover stores, profile pic stores, and character stores. Well this is my trailer store!!!! Just give me your story summary and the description of your characters and Snap! An amazing trailer!!!
  • Lucy1234

    mumbled "Demonia~!"

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    Hi everybody it's your good buddy Lucy here,


    I just ripped off KyoKoon....PLEASE DON'T SUE

    Anywho...You might have noticed my book with some Demonia, well, for any Otakus out there, my character (Lucy) is also an Otaku. In fact, I made an ntire chapter a refference to Black Butler 2!

    Come on people don't you like me~!

    OH! And thank you to the 2 people who favorited btw!
    4 years ago
    Black Butler! :D
  • Lucy1234
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    1. She's kinda short so maybe 5'2? And she's thin so I'd make her 125 lbs? Maybe a little less..
    2. Purple hair, and dark red eyes. Light skin tone, dark clothes.
    3. A bright red Jacket with ripped skinny jeans, and pink and black converses. If you draw her jacket unzipped, she's wearing a black tank top, oh and she usually has an earbud in one ear.
    4. She's 15
    5. She's a female XD
    6. Hmm...Not that I can think of.
    7. She's an Otaku (loves anime) and can be a bit snarky, sarcastic and cold to other people. Secretly lonely.
    8. Horror/Thriller
    9. Short-ish spiky Emo/scene hair. The kind with the bangs nearly covering one eye and is about shoulder length? I can get a pic if you need.
    10. Her name is Lucillia Rose but you can call her Lucy
    11. Madouc please ^^
    12. OTHER THING I JUST REMEMBERED! Can you draw her holding a playing card, The 6 of Hearts?
    Character Store
    Character Store
    Ok, I had the idea to do like a Cover Store but for characters. So basically you give us a description of your character, and we’ll draw it as best as we can! Please see our fantastic collection of Artists...
    4 years ago
    Done her! What do you think? :)
  • Lucy1234
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    1. Alternative/Teen Rock
    2. 3 Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance, Marina and the Diamonds, Avril Lavigne, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Skillet,Vocaloid (Hatsune Miku <3) ETC
    3. A bit moody but usually hyper, and an over all anime lover. Artistic, creative, sometimes crazy and a little dark. Honestly just...Everywhere.
    4. Done :3
    5. Yes Ma'am!
    Hi Can I pick your ringtone? Yes, I know I will probably never meet you but I will always pick my family's ones and they like the choices. I may not be that good, but hey, why not? I might be really good,...
    4 years ago
    Hm, I like it! Also, I don't know a lot of All Time Low, but I like what I know....THAT RHYMED! I do love all those songs though!
    Black Stardust
    4 years ago
    Can I suggest Dirty Little Secret X D
    4 years ago
    Sure, I love that song! I think I'll change it tomorrow when I get my phone back, it'd be worth it :)
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