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Hey I don't know what to say here.

  • Lucie Howe
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    Are you guys still updating this? Sorry, just wondering.
    The No Homophobes Campaign
    The No Homophobes...
    Welcome to the No Homophobes Campaign. Here, I will show you how all of these homophobic issues and sexuality insults are affecting you, the people, and the world. If you want to help, I'll be...
    Lucie Howe
    4 years ago
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    Ok this is going by people I know and some one of my friends knows (and the ones she knows I'm just going by what she says).

    Adam Lambert - Musician, singer-songwriter, actor
    Alan Carr - Comedian
    Alan Cumming OBE - Actor
    Alexis Arquette - Actress, musician, cabaret performer.
    Amber Heard - Actress, model
    Amelie Mauresmo - Professional Tennis Player
    Anderson Cooper - Journalist & TV Presenter
    Andrew Scott - Actor
    Anna Grodzka - Polish politician
    Antony Cotton - Actor
    Boy George - Musician
    Bryan Singer - Director
    Carmen Carrera - Model
    Charlie Condou - Actor
    Chaz Bono - Writer, musician, activist
    Chris Colfer - Actor, singer, producer, screenwriter and author
    Clare Balding - Sports presenter
    Dale Winton - TV Presenter
    David Burtka - Actor (former) Chef
    Dr Christian Jessen - TV doctor
    Ellen DeGeneres - Stand-up comedian, television host, and actress
    Ellen Page - Actress
    Elton John - Musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, composer, pianist, actor
    Frank Ocean - Singer-songwriter, rapper
    George Takei - Actor, author, and voice artist
    Gok Wan - TV presenter
    Graham Norton - TV Presenter
    Ian McKellen - Actor
    Isis King - Fashion model, fashion designer
    Jane Lynch - Actress, comedian, singer, author
    Janet Mock - Trans woman rights activist, author, the former staff editor of People
    Jessie J - Singer
    Jim Parsons - Actor
    Jodie Foster - Actress, producer, director
    Joe McElderry - Singer, Reality TV winner
    John Barrowman - Actor
    Jonathan Groff - Actor, singer
    Kieron Richardson - Actor
    Lace Bass - Singer, dancer, entertainer, actor, film producer, television producer, author, gay rights activist
    Lady Gaga - Recording artist, activist, record producer, businesswoman, fashion designer
    Laura Jane Grace - Musician, songwriter, singer, guitarist, record producer
    Laverne Cox - Actress, reality television star, television producer, and transgender advocate
    Lee Pearson - Paralympian equestrian
    Martina Navratilova - Former tennis player
    Matt Bomer - Actor
    Matt Lucas - Comedian
    Michael Cashman MEP - Actor & Politician
    Michael Stipe - Musician
    Neil Patrick Harris - Actor, producer, director
    Peter Tatchell - Politician
    Portia de Rossi - Actress
    Ricky Martin - Singer, songwriter, musician, actor, author
    Rosie O'Donnell - Entertainer
    Sarah Paulson - Actress
    Simon Amstell - Comedian
    Stephen Fry - Actor & Comedian
    Stephen Gately - Singer & Songwriter
    Tegan & Sara Quin - Musicians, songwriters
    Tila Tequila - Model, Presenter
    Tom Daley - Diver
    Wanda Sykes - Writer, comedian, actress, and voice artist.
    Will Young - Musician
    Zachary Quinto - Actor

    I may of gotten carried away but, well, I could still go on probably for like another fifty million hours.
    Lucie Howe
    4 years ago
    I would of also gone into Youtubers but I thought I better stop
    Lucie Howe
    4 years ago
    I'm not sure on some of their channel names,
    Davey Wavey
    depfox (aka Gay Family Values)
    BriaAndChrissy (and their vlog channel Lesbian Love)
    Arielle Scarcella (and Girlfriends TV)
    Tyler Oakley
    Hannah Hart (MyHarto is her channel name I think, and her other channel yourharto)
    HART (hartbeat)
    Troye Sivan (his coming out video is pretty great tbh)

    I am real sorry but that is all I can think of right now, you could probably find more by searching it on google or something.
  • Lucie Howe

    mumbled "I might not have any fans but I like saying things"

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    Hey guys, I'm about to publish the first chapter of my first story, it's probably shit tbh but I just love writing.

    Also I'm sorry if I use mumbles to vent about silly things but I just like to vent.
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