~卌sos~ Because I'm totally normal. ✌️ ❤️1D~5SOS~ATL~McFly~MCR~P!ATD~R5~HCR~MKTO❤️

I kinda really like Luke Hemmings. Also, I'm totally punk rock. Can't ya tell?

I don't have much to say here. I'm not good with biographies and speaking first, so message me and say hi when you get the chance?

~Song of the week~
You Think You Know Somebody- Hunter Hayes


Mama of the Nightgleam family! Woo! @Party_Poison is the president!

Hi Kat. Hi Dani. Hi Kylie. Hi Mia. Hi Dakota. LOVE YOU GUISEE :D
Outside of Movellas:

Twitter- @IdioticMuke
Kik: Lanna.5SOS
Snapchat: Lanna.5SOS

Ok, um. Venture on if you'd like. Sorry to have bothered you ✌️

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