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~卌sos~ ✖️ąƖɛҳ ƈą℘Ɩơῳ✖️ ☀️ The sun may shine, but it doesn't mean it shines for you ☀️ (^O^☆♪) Punk rock says hey. Cause I'm punk rock. <jk> I'm Lanna btw. I have a slight obsession with bands.

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    mumbled "Why the hell not?"


    1. Katelin
    2. 17
    3. 1153
    4. Cadbury chocolate
    5. Yay
    6. If we don't do something now we're all going to die bc of sun flares
    7. Simmer Down by @[emmairwinn]
    8. James Dashner but on Movellas @[gaminesque]
    9. Dani, @[LoveOfTheMusic] @[☁Ashton's Cloud☁] @[Beautifully Gabby] 10. Rotten eggs duh internet is life
    11. A navy blue and white striped shirt and underwear bc pajamas
    12. 'Have fun at JT doll' to my friend Kaylee
    13. Coke
    14. Both
    15. Movellas
    16. Purple, red, black, white
    17. The Vampire Diaries
    18. The Maze Runner, The Avengers, Tangled
    19. Gmail, Movellas
    20. My desk, it's very messy
    21. White or purple
    22. I haven't published it yet, it's for The Maze Runner comp and it's called Jump
    23. Ebola, even though cancer is just as bad Ebola is contagious
    Ashton's sweetheart
    I'm just saying that your a great writer that shouldn't stop a great book. I wasn't trying to offend you.
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    Awe thank you ��
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    I miss talking to you :'(
    10 hours ago
    Michael's Kitten
    9 hours ago
    8 hours ago
    Oh oh oh um. Cross country ended this week so I was busy trying to make sure everyone knew to return their uniforms and just tried to hang with the seniors because like leaving and sad :( And um report cards were due today so I had to bring up my grades. I still have a C- in Chinese :( And I was hanging with my friends more because I'm a clingy person who needs hugs and kisses from bae. BUT OMG IVE MISSED YOUUUUUUUUU. I have to start getting more community service hours too so since xc ended, I'll be volunteering at the bowling alley. High school is too much work .-.
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