~卌sos ❤️��❤️PREPARE FOR RANDOMNESS ALL OVER MY ACCOUNT~ I'm Lanna by the way, haha *evil laugh replaces normal*
I kinda really like Luke Hemmings
Hi Kat. Hi Dani. Hi Kylie. Hi Mia. LOVE YOU GUISEE :D
~Awesome lyrics~

"Long live the reckless and the brave ✌️."All Time Low

"I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone." My Chemical Romance </3

"You don't know a thing about this life." - Also MCR
~Songs You Should Listen To: Ambulance and The Light Behind Your Eyes by MCR, and Can't Fight Against the Youth by P!ATD~

-Basically, I really like 'punk rock' stuff, but I like 'mainstream' stuff too.. SO DON'T JUDGE ME. Legit, don't I probably will cry.

I tend to fall for trends and even though I tell myself not to do those stupid love triangle plots, I always seem to be going back to them, so I apologize. I get scared really easily too, and fangirl 163 times more than the average person. Yayy. I also like pizza and wifi and french fries

I love you guys so much, don't ever forget that <3




BUI GUYSS!!!! Love you and thanks for taking the time to read this <33

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