✖️ąƖɛҳ ƈą℘Ɩơῳ✖️

☀️ The sun may continue to shine, but it doesn't mean it will lighten your world ☀️

(^O^☆♪) Punk rock says hey. Cause I'm punk rock. <jk>

I'm Lanna btw. I have a slight obsession with bands.

{Sunshines: Kat (baeeee <3), Dani (miss you), Mia(luffs you) Kylie (luffs you too)}•••• Kierstin, you're very fabulous too ••••
Shoutout to Party_Poison for being my MCR buddy.

Outside of Movellas{if you need me or wanna talk elsewhere}

Twitter- @IdioticMuke

Ok, um. Venture on if you'd like. Sorry to have bothered you ✌️

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