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    Wow. This is awesome! :)
    Burning Innocence
    Burning Innocence
    What if you were accused of something you knew you weren’t? Salem, Massachusetts, sixteen-ninety-two and the Witch Trials are the biggest thing to ever hit America. One hundred and forty nine people...
  • loveless92
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    I love this story!! But I'm having a tough time reading it, because of the spelling and punctuation mistakes. I suggest editing it before you post. People will enjoy your story even more if they can follow it. I'm not hating on your story, I think it's awesome, but you may want to think about editing it. :)
    Only Time Can Tell
    Only Time Can Tell
    "Ragen lee sunkiss get your arse down here now, and change you sisters diper !" i heard my dad scream. Me and my baby sister Noah have been living in this hell hole ever sense my mum died, well my adopted...
    5 years ago
    ok thanks sorry about the problems i was in a rush so i could update because i had to go to my moms and she dosnt have internet but thank you for the tips :)
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