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    Sorry I've been a bit slack on updating. I'm writing the chapters in block so like 5 at a time. I promise I'll have the next few chapters up for you by at least the end of this week!! I have no school now so I'll have more time to write!
    The Immortal One.
    The Immortal One.
    Scarlettes life has change drastically the past year and has been sent to a reform school where she meets 'him'. This is a Punk Harry Styles fan fic. Please read. Updates will be every couple of days....
  • loveforthebritishandirish
    Can I please be Harry's girlfriend? My names Liv. I'm 13. I'm really sporty, funny, I'm a bit nervous in front of crowds but if you pick me it could work well with the story. I love music and soccer. I have mid length light brown hair with purple dip dye. I'm quite tall. Please pick me! :)
    My Brother, Harry Styles
    My Brother, Harry...
    Yes i'm Harry Styles, Twin Sister. Carlee Styles, 18. I fell in love with my brothers band mates. But in the end does the relationships work out? Read to Find Out! BTW: This is my first Fan Fiction.:)...
  • loveforthebritishandirish
    OMG please update this story is Extrodinharry!! x
    Fight For You {Book 2 completed}
    Fight For You {Boo...
    *Sequel to Only You* It is said that time heals all wounds, but Ally’s cuts just keep getting deeper and deeper. She thinks the horror is over when Damen is locked away, but little does she know. What...
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