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I have caught the One Direction Infection and can't get enough of it. I LOVE Movellas i end up reading up to 2am even on weekdays when i have school i am an directioner and surely proud of it

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    I really like this please keep going cant wait for the next chapter ����
    A One Night Stand (Zayn Malik FanFic)
    A One Night Stand...
    It all starts, with a one night stand. After a bad break up, Megan decideds to visit a club with her friends, where she meets a certain back-haired, and hazel-eyed boy who she later on has a one night...
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    Hope Your Dad will get better soon I couldn't imagine what you are going through right now take as long as you need ��
    Hey Bad Boy, You're A Tad Overrated
    Hey Bad Boy, You'r...
    Violet Bronze, Vod, is One Direction’s new stylist and she hates how full of himself Zayn Malik is. Yes, he has smoldering good looks and a moody, mysterious attitude, but Vod is not so easily impressed....
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    Love It Love It Love It Louis is do hot and bad in this I really like it please update����������
    Inked (Punk Louis)
    Inked (Punk Louis)
    Tatianna lives a life full of rules and order. To tell you the truth she's sick and tired of it. What happens when she meets a punk by the name of Louis Tomlinson? He's covered in tattoos and piercings....
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