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5 sexy homos for crying out loud!!
Kevin married my parrot, now all I need is for him to bring Louis to my house so we can fuck!

Did I forget to mention Harry stole my cat?

Niall brought me my pot of gold when I found him at the end of the rainbow :/

If you love reading fanfics you're really going to love mine! <3

That's all I have to say, I'm gong to go hang with Liam and Zayn now!

  • LouisNeedsABoat

    mumbled "5 Sexy Homos"

    Well I finally decided to start putting some fanfics up! So if you love those four peasants and queen as much as I do then be my fan!! If you do become a fan Kevin will fly over to your house and ring day doorbell, so if you want to meet that sexy feathered beast become my fan already!!!!!
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