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Hi, I am a directioner and LOVE to write! So enjoy my stories!

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    I Don't Only Date Blondes [on hold]
    I Don't Only Date...
    ••• Book 2 ••• "You can't love me." I say, I almost want to scream at him. Telling him what I Had just gone through with Luke and Niall, now I have to do it all over again. "Why? I've loved you...
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    Update plz
    Hostage - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction
    Hostage - A Louis...
    A simple trip to the bank. That's all it was. That's all I thought it was going to be. Until I was held hostage. With Louis Tomlinson. Valeria Alden started out her boring day by doing something...
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    Please please please update!!!
    Slave Auction 2: The Boys' Story
    Slave Auction 2:...
    While Jenna is helping Liam pack for college, she comes across an old photo of Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam in the slave auction when they were freshman. Determined to find out the truth about why...
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