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Hi, i'm "Louisiana Natalie" :) First of all i'm 13 yo. I lived in sydney. And i love music. My basic genre is pop. I am a singer/songwriter. I successfully made 3 songs (not wanting to go viral) I am a choreographer too. I only teach "tambourine dance steps" and etc. I can't live without food! (haha) I this girl who is very shy in everything. (But i somehow overcome it) But when you meet me in personal, i am really talkative, funny, sweet, passionate and fun person. I'd love to make new stories here in wattpad. Its one of my inspirations tho. I love reading stories that i'm curious and interested of. Specially fanfics! (1D/5SOS/TV/etc.) lmfao. I am a teen blogger. If its possible, id love to be a tumblr girl or a IGfamous. (ik someday i will) I had a big confidence of my dream! Yes. I am a directioner/legenf/5SOSfam & *Vampette #wattpad #NH #JustMe #fangirl #1Daf 1/5 .

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    Yes. thank you :) i'll update it soon :) xx
    Being with my 5 idiots
    Being with my 5...
    This is a story about Natalie being with her 5 idiots! Which is her bestfriends! Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn. They're very close to each other. They always hangout, when they're bored. But between...
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    I'm pretty much clueless in this website! Peeps! Help meh. I want to make new friends, and gain more. I want to cooperate with them as well. Btw, i'm making a new story/fanfic. Idk. Its kinda related about my life! And yea.. #Newbie let's be friends! :) xx
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