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  • castawaylouis
    Sorry I haven't been updating in a while I had school but today I'm home sick so I'm gonna try and update all of my stories or fanfics or whatever you wanna call them
  • castawaylouis
    Love it
    Don't Tell Dad
    Don't Tell Dad
    Hi I'm Brook, and I'm 16 years old. I'm an only child... Well I used to be until my dad married Louis Tomlinson's mom so um yeah. And I met all of his hotheaded friends at my dad's wedding but honestly...
  • castawaylouis
    If you want to be in the story just let me know, I'll need your first name, if you want any of the boys to be your brother, and who your favorite is
    It's Complicated
    It's Complicated
    Hi I'm Peyton, Peyton Tomlinson... Yeah yeah the Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, whateves. Sure everyone thinks he's a bad boy but he's actually pretty nice... Anyway I'm 15 and my best friends are...
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