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Hello, My name is Kira. You can call me Cat or KitKat if you want.
I will only have one book on here, so that I may work on it and finish it. I write mostly Fan Fictions and some Vampire/Werewolf books. Hope my book are resourceful and are interesting. :)

  • Loubear/Leeyum Cutie
    J.K., do you think you could tell me how I could possibly attract people to want to read my books, I don't have any yet but I'm just asking.
    4 years ago
    Hi Loubear I think someone has to start somewhere I know I'm not jk but that's what I think
    J.K. Panesar
    4 years ago
    Hi yah, sorry that this reply is late, but here is my advice. Promotion. Promote your work as much as u can. Read other peoples works and give feedback, maybe in return u could ask politely if they can read yes too. Like Simone has said before, everyone has to start somewhere. Within time u will attract people to ur books and build a loyal fan base. Hope this helps a bit. :)
    Loubear/Leeyum Cutie
    [@ J. K. Panesar] It does help. Thanks.
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