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Hello to all,

Well first of all, i better introduce my self! Im laura and im in my 20's, i have found that creative writing, journalism and editorial writing is the direction i would like to head in career wise. Therefore i thought why not start a bit of blogging so people can see things the way i do and so i can get feedback on what i write. I have a love for books, anything that interest me, i will read. Horrors, thrillers and suspence novels are my favourite, i just love how i can get lost in a book.

So do expect to see a few of my hubs on here about books i have read and also a bit of traveling, me and my partner like to travel so i have already posted a cupple of hubs on places we have been, Please check them out and tell me what you think.

I am open to any opinions, afterall a human would not be unique without their opinions.

I am quite fond of art and photography so expect to find a few of my own creations among my hubs.

I thinks thats all for now and i look forward to seeing some opinions from all you wonderfull people out there.

I am also on twitter @Lou2212X


Please feel free to view my website.


Bye for now,

Lou x

  • lou2211
    5 years agoReply
    well, I thought this would be a good site, but ive gotta say, I am sick to death of seeing anything relating to one direction, I like certain bands but I dunt write love storys about them. people need to get real!
  • lou2211
    5 years agoReply
    awww thats story is lovley
    Before I Die
    Before I Die
    This is my entry for the 'love' competition for Valentine's Day. Lexa suffers with terminal cancer. She knows she hasn't got long to live. She has no one to live for anyway. She is left spell-bound...
  • lou2211

    how to enter?

    5 years agoReply
    Hiya everyone, im new to the site but the horror competition caught my eye and i was wondering how you enter one or wether you just publish your piece and then the site does the rest.

    If anyone can gave me any info on this, id apprieciate it verymuch.
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