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Hi, the name's Kimmy!
I am a down to earth, kind, sweet and cheerful person! (≧0≦)
I love One Direction ♡ and also I love KPOP!
I am a pure INSPIRIT and a hardcore SHAWOL! ❤
I am very friendly so please don't hesitate to talk to me :3
Anyways, these are the genres that I'll be doing: romance, korean, one direction, cute, happy, angst, one-shots, drama. ◕ ◡ ◕

~ Keurae wolf, naega wolf. Awoooo ~

  • lotsylollipop

    mumbled "Hey people! Newbie here. . :3"

    Huy thur, so I'm new here in movellas and I'm not really that good, so please bare with me :)
    Anyways, please do help me out! (≧0≦) Thank you!
    Also I'll be working on one fanfiction at a time, because I'm scared that it will all pile up. ^^
    Be sure to check out my works, okay?
    <3 kimmy
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