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Hey guys, this is Rainey!

I decided to rewrite this because things have sort of changed a little since when we first started movellas.

I'm 18 from London, England and share this account with my perfect best friend Jodie. She checks up on the account more than I do, because she took an IT GCSE and simply understands computers better than me!

I do most of the writing though lots of it hasn't been published yet since I've been a bit busy with school and stuff. I promise more stories will be coming soon though!

Jodie will check up on the account regularly, however I will only ever come online once a week to continue a developing story. I'm sorry we can't spend as much time as we'd like on here, but we promise we will try hard to participate in the Movellas community more x

We love you lots and lots, Rainey and Jodie x

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    This is so sweet I love it to bits :') The epilogue is perfect x you are an amazing writer. I love your writing style. A couple of things though : Too = too much of something/too hard, To = to fall in love/love you to and Loose = lose. :)
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    This is just so cute xx hope you win
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