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  • LoneMitch
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    Interesting, really good story to it and it makes me happy to read these sort of happy love story's, ive always enjoyed a romance and please continue to write these there good, it reminds me of some of the good things with love instead off all the bad things. :) x
    my life :( :)
    my life :( :)
    a girl called Louise gets in to a good relashionship with a boy called Ryan and finds out something is wrong with her grandad and he passes when she aint at home and she feels bad because she could not...
  • LoneMitch
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    Go die, lol you always say that :D and good so far keep going :)
    A victim of bullying
    A victim of bullyi...
    WARNING EVERYTHING! In this book is true. This book is the experiences I have been through.
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