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  • lone writer99
    I love your story so far.keep writing!!!

    The one-way ticket with no return
    The one-way ticket...
    Melanie is in love with her best friend, Niall Horan, and he feels the same but, not all is perfect. One adult man wants to destroy them because Niall protect the man's abused girl. The man kidnap Melanie...
  • lone writer99

    Fan art

    I now accept fan arts from my fans.if you drew a fan art about one of my stories I will Post it in one of the chapters of my story.if you do Draw one i will be glad if you do.

  • lone writer99
    loved you're story.keep writing!!

    please if you can you read and review my story.

    frozen heartsthe story is about a young orphan trying to survive the harsh city where everyone fight to stay alive.but when a new danger rises he must ally with other...

    Black Booty
    Black Booty
    Elimina an average every day girl runs into a boy who goes on a journey with her like no other along the way Elimina Discovers she is no ordinary girl. Elimina will face sirens, beasts, family and more...
    lone writer99
    4 years ago actually working on a sequel for frozen hearts.its called new dawn.
    Bad To The Bone
    4 years ago
    lone writer99
    4 years ago
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