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Meaning- A girl who loves Quotev.
A girl who dreams her life away.
Reality ruined her life.
She wants to leave sometimes, but in reality she just wants to...
Be saved.
But music keeps her here.
One Direction.
5 boys, who keep her alive.
She is reserved for Niall.
Sister to Liam.
Best friend to Louis.
Secret admirer to Harry.
And trusts Zayn with her life.
If fangirling was a sport, guarantee this girl a gold medal.
Her imagines are dirty and she likes them that way.
She is a tribute.
District 2.
Throwing knives with Clove.
Cato is her cutie.
Farewell Rue.
Certified Potterhead.
Hermione and Ron <3
Harry is the boy who lived.
She's the girl who believed.
I'm sorry Snape.
You shouldn't be dead.
What can I say?
This girl is a mess.
Try to fix her broken heart.
It's been there from the start.
And to be honest.
This girl is all out of broken hearts.
She's all alone.
"It's okay. Is that what you want me to say? Well sorry I don't lie."
And you know.
They laugh cause she's different.
Well, she laughs cause their all the same.
I know so much about this girl.
Because this girl.
Is me.
But she loves you and remember-
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.∞

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