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    The story of Amelie Webblood
    The grave yard was dripping with slushy snow and water. The girl strode out carefully and quickly in her black torn shoes. Her only light was the silver glimmering half moon that held it's place in the pitch black sky. The girl stepped over a grave stone and peered at the engraved markings.
    PASSED AWAY 2006 16/11

    December was rising on and the finger of ice pressed up against the stained glass of the church shacked and then fell to the snowy grass landing softly in a patch of slushy petrol snow. The girl kicked it with her torn shoes and then carried on on her journey to the church. She opened the wooden door and stepped inside. She could feel the coldness of the night upon her icy skin. There was a single candle in the middle of the room. The girl stepped towards the flickering gold light, and put her hand out to feel it's warmth. She hadn't felt warm for a very long time. suddenly the light went out and she was alone in darkness once again. Patches of her skin started to fall of. her eyes closed, her mouth tied shut, her finger nails drooping of. The skin on her ankles started to drop and her parted blue lips limped and fell. Finally the girl was just a shadow. The shadow slinked across to a coffin and slowly opened it. It creaked slightly, the wooden box drooping. inside the box was a girl.
    Amelie webblood.

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    5 years ago
    Hi, thanks for entering but this hasn't been counted. Please make sure that you upload it as a new movella and enter it into the competition using the 'Join This Competition' button in the corner.
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