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  • Lollol
    6 years agoReply
    I don't like it this is the worst so far
    KIDNAPPED.............. BY ONE DIRECTION!?
    Hi my name is Ammarah. I was living a normal life with my best friend, Arianna. We live in an apartment together. Now the thing is that she is obssesed with one direction and me, well not so much. She...
    6 years ago
    why don't you like it and u don't have to be so mean about it!
    6 years ago
    Well first of all cuz the chapters are short second of all idk but there is something I don't like and third of all , all the other movellas have something that make me wanna keep reading it but this one doesn't
    6 years ago
    Well the chapters are gonna be long its just hat I don't have to write much and I have a lot of ideas to put in the story but the problem is that I can't just cram them all in the story or it will not be good. There's a lot of things that are gonna happen but you'll have to wait and if you don't like it oh well. Stop reading then if you don't like. I now that I like it and other people do too. I can right my story how ever I want to right it cuz its my story. -ammarah
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